When A Car Accident Causes Broken Bones

Any kind of car accident is an unfortunate event that puts undue stress on a person’s life. However, this stress is greatly compounded when a broken bone is involved. These accidents range in severity as do the injuries sustained. In some instances, the broken bone is relatively easily healed and you can go back to living your life as it was before. In other instances, the broken bone is severe and the injury could be life altering. For example, broken and fractured hips can be especially worrisome. In the most unfortunate of situations, internal bleeding is involved, which can very well be life threatening. Other injuries, such as to the tibia or femur bone, can leave athletes with diminished ability. Whatever the injury or severity level, broken bones are not a good thing.


Immediately following a car accident, you should always get prompt and professional medical care. Even if you feel fine, you should always get checked out. The “fine feeling” may be caused by adrenaline, which is a hormone your body secretes when you are under a tremendous amount of stress. Adrenaline makes your heart beat faster, increases your alertness, and decreases pain. In our evolutionary history, adrenaline has been a life saver, but with modern medicine and modern life, it can give you a false sense of security. Once it wears off, you could potentially be in a lot of pain. And if you ignore going to be checked out by a medical professional, a serious medical issue (such as internal bleeding or a bone fracture) might not be caught in time. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to go get checked out by a medical professional after any kind of accident.


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