Why Drivers Speed Despite Greenville, SC Car Accident Risks

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Why Drivers Speed Despite Greenville, SC Car Accident Risks

This is a question for the ages: why do people speed? The question is not simply answered, as there are many explanations. However, psychological and neurological research have come up with some universal acknowledgements about the topic. This article will attempt to address some of the most prominent. Angelica Hernandez in Greenville, South Carolina is sponsoring this content because we believe education is power and that awareness truly does make a difference. For more information about neurological and psychological attributes of why people speed, check out a peer-reviewed journal on the topic.


Some of the reasons why people speed:


  1. They are simply in a hurry.
    1. This tends to be one of the most commonly cited reasons why someone is speeding. They’re just in a hurry. For example, maybe you are running late for work or a doctor’s appointment. Perhaps you are about to miss your flight or some other activity. However, despite the inconvenience of being late, not speeding is always the far superior option to speeding. For all the obvious reasons, not speeding is so much safer; it provides more reaction time and you are at a far lesser chance of being in a rollover accident with sharp turns.
  2. It gives them a thrill.
    1. This is perhaps the most innate reason. What gives someone a thrill? Why does driving fast thrilling? The answers to these questions are only just now being answered by science. Nonetheless, we know that fast cars give us a thrill. Even watching them gives us a thrill (i.e. watching NASCAR or a drag race)! Despite the thrill factor, we all must be cognizant of the dangers that speeding on standard roadways causes. Speed limits are put in place for a reason; they are not arbitrarily assigned. They have meaning. Please do not ignore them.
  3. Drivers have a sense of invincibility.
    1. This typically is more prevalent with younger drivers. The invincibility feeling is quite common among teenagers. It is the belief that they have their entire life ahead of them and that nothing can stop this. Unfortunately, this belief is only a perception that is not rooted in reality. Every year, we see news articles about young people dying tragically in car accidents. Many of these accidents could be prevented if everyone where to obey traffic laws and go the speed limit.


Angelica Hernandez in Greenville, South Carolina is committed to making our roads safer. Understanding the motivations of why people speed will, perhaps, raise awareness and change behaviors. Hopefully, being aware will decrease the number of car accidents in the state of South Carolina and the United States as a whole.

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