Auto accidents happen abruptly and unexpected. Most people who experience a car accident are unsure of what steps to take next. Along with your injuries, medical bills pile up and lost income begins to add up. Insurance claims and adjusters are confusing and try to lessen their responsibility. Due to missing work and losing out on potential wages, it is important you contact a Greenville automobile accident immediately after your accident to receive full compensation for your injuries. Here at Greenville Injury Lawyers our Greenville personal injury lawyers know the stress you are under and will carry the legal load with you. You have rights, and are entitled to compensation. 

Getting in contact with one of our Greenville automobile accident lawyers is your best chance to receiving full compensation for any injuries you have endured.


The statistics surrounding motor vehicle accidents are outstanding. Approximately 10 million people are injured in car accidents every year. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that 35,244 Americans died on the roadways in the last year. This calculates into more than 80 deaths on US roads every day. It is important for each individual to know how to handle experiencing an accident, as well as the following steps of recovery.


Every eight hours someone suffers a fatality from an automobile accident in the state of South Carolina. Every five minutes a traffic accident happens, with injury occurring every 10.5 seconds. It is vital that you try to minimize your risk while operating a motor vehicle. Following safety procedures and knowing what steps to take after an accident greatly increases your chances of full compensation for injuries when an accident does occur proper legal action is taken.


Distracted driving is the most common cause of accidents. There is a wide variety of distractions, the most common on being the use of telephones. There are other types of distractions such as changing the station on the radio, eating, grooming, and even talking to the passengers riding with you. It takes a split second to be distracted, and in that moment, you could lose sight of the roadway. This increases your risk of of a serious incident.


Speeding in South Carolina is also another major issue in automobile accidents. Rushing to get to your location can be fatal. Speeding makes up one-third of all car accidents every year in the United States. Take care of your time and stay safe on the roads. Speeding causes accidents that result in the more serious injuries and even fatalities.


Three-hundred thousand accidents happen everyday because of drunk driving. According to a MADD estimate, those accidents contribute to ten-thousand deadly accidents annually. It has been a challenge in the effort to lower these chilling numbers. Fortunately, we can choose to be mindful and responsible on the journey of our lives and take caution on the roadways.  


  • Head injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Neck/back/spinal cord injuries
  • Negligence
  • Death


It is important to be aware of who is responsible of the accident. The person at fault will take on the financial burden, along with other aspects of damage. The negligent party involved in the accident will be held accountable according to South Carolina law. As long as you are not determined to be 50 percent at fault, you are entitled to financial compensation from the party at fault in the accident. In South Carolina, this is referred to as comparative negligence and varies differently depending on State.


Taking immediate action after your automobile accident can help you receive full compensation for your in juries. There are a few tips to keep in mind that will work to your best interest if you ever experience a car accident.


Report to Local Authority:

The very first step in encountering a roadway accident is to report the incident to local police. This is an authorized requirement for any and all damage. In doing so, you should receive an official report of the accident, everyone involved, and where. The accident report could work as evidence for you in court. It can also assist in determining who is responsible for the accident and any further investigation.


Collect Evidence:

Be sure to record every detail possible from the scene of the accident. In addition to insurance information, record or write down all names of parties involved and their contact information. It is also lawful to take pictures of the scene of the accident and damages to the vehicle. This will come in handy, especially if you are presenting a case to a jury. Think ahead and keep any and every important detail that may work to your advantage long-term. Be the detective. Every detail counts.


Medical Attention:

Seek medical attention as soon as possible. The quicker you are seen by a doctor, the better. This ensures that you receive the attention you deserve. It increases your chances of receiving recovery in your pending injury case. If you choose to wait to seek medical attention, the insurance companies automatically try and discredit your injuries, claiming that you were only seen to collect compensation, not necessarily because you were seriously injured. You may be in shock and unaware of the extent of your injuries at first, but always go and get medical care immediately. Time is of the essence in cases like this. The insurance company may also claim that you were injured elsewhere, aside from the car wreck. This is all a tactic to lessen their responsibility to you in your time of need.


Encountering Insurance Company:

Once you have reported the incident, collected evidence, and sought medical treatment, you will be contacted by the insurance adjuster. You may also be contacted by an opposing car accident attorney. Always keep in mind that they are not on your side. Their whole mission is to diminish their responsibility to you. You must keep in mind every word spoken is being recorded with the intent of being used against you in court. They will try and manipulate your own words to prove that your condition is not as serious as the claim. This is another reason why you should hire an auto accident attorney to assist you in the insurance’s effort to diminish the value of compensation in your case.


Don’t settle:

Do yourself a favor and never settle for less than you deserve or rightfully need. Many times, insurance companies can persuade victims of these accidents to accept a settlement that is less than half of the value of your initial compensation. They add pressure by trying to convince you to finish up the claims process according to their time. Do not settle for the small amount that insurance offers you, especially if you are still uncovering your injuries and are unsure of the damages. Once you reach a deal, and accept it, you have personally closed your case and any possibility of reopening the case regardless of the extent of your injuries or the surmounting amount of medical expenses.


Although you may think that you are capable of handling these type of accidents alone, hiring a Greenville automobile accident lawyer at Greenville Injury Lawyers is your best chance at receiving full compensation for any injuries you may have suffered during an accident.


A Greenville automobile accident lawyer will have a better understanding of the laws that are in place for you. They will be knowledgeable in navigating insurance and court processes, deadlines, procedures, and regulations to withstand. Our attorneys are educated in the transition of recovery, and are skilled and trained to ensure proper compensation. A Greenville automobile accident lawyer can take care of the legalities while you gain balance in healing.


If you have been involved in a roadway accident of any kind, please contact us today. With our expertise in automobile accidents and experience in dealing with legalities involving a Greenville automobile accident can provide a strong case in making sure you receive full compensation.

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