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Contact a Greenville criminal defense lawyer for the best legal help. Being arrested can be a daunting experience. While in the back of a police car or awaiting questioning, you very well may not know what to do. Sometimes answering police questions honestly will alleviate the pressure but, often facts are used against you without you knowing. Contact Greenville Car Accident Lawyers if have been arrested or charged with a crime, to help you manage legal actions. Our Greenville criminal defense lawyer will help you to legally reduce or completely eradicate the charges against you. Contact our office today 123-123-1234. 

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What do I do if am arrested?

Greenville criminal defense lawyer

After being arrested you may be confused on what steps to take next. You are entitled to rights no matter what happened. Contact Angelica Hernandez Law if you have been arrested and definitely before you talk to the police or answer any questions.


During every step of the criminal justice process, you have rights. After being arrested, Sate and Federal laws make sure you have rights that include:


  • Remaining Silent
  • Due process of the Law before losing life, property, or liberty
  • Humane Treatment
  • Private lawyer consultation –  regardless of affordability
  • Informed of the charges against you
  • Not be searched or seized unreasonably
  • Not to have bail set excessively


You are entitled to additional rights in courts that include:


  • Confronting witnesses against you
  • Presenting evidence and receiving witness testimonies that favor you
  • Rapid and publicized jury trial
  • Only to be tried once for the same crime to avoid double jeopardy
  • Representation that is adequate by a lawyer, even if unafforadable
  • Preventing excessive fines
  • Preventing cruel and unusual punishment
  • Presuming innocence until proven guilty

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Contacting a Greenville Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been injured contact a personal injury attorney such as Greenville Car Accident Lawyers. Even after the trial you have rights. Even while arrested you have rights. If you or a loved one has had their rights violated during the process of criminal justice, our Greenville criminal defense lawyer will asses what happened and fight against your unlawful charges. Contact Greenville Car Accident Lawyers, LLC today if you legal help today. 123.123.1234

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