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From the life-changing moment of bringing forth life into your own life, to the due process of choosing to add to the growth of your family, a Greenville family domestic lawyer can support you in the legalities significant in handling your family and domestic case.

Greenville Injury Lawyer houses family & domestic lawyers that are determined to find all legal angles for your case to bring you the compensation you deserve.

Visitation and Custody of Child

Every parent has their children’s best interest at heart. Parents love their children, and will do all that is necessary to keep them from harm. When dealing with the separation of parents, different households, and changing routines, Greenville family and domestic law attorneys can help you solidify essential arrangements that best suit your children’s transition.


It is not always easy as a parent to deal with the lasting effect and emotions that you may experience. It is even more difficult to worry about your child’s well-being in the midst of all that is happening in their world as a result. Guardians feel a sense of anxiety and uneasiness in dealing with the legal matters surrounding their case. Hiring a Greenville Family and Domestic lawyer will aid in you and your child’s schedule between families. This is beneficial regardless if both parties reach a mutual agreement, or if it must be ordered by a judge to be prepared. We can assist you as you process and progress in the legal aspects of your case. Greenville family and domestic lawyers oftentimes have additional resources that can provide counseling and job search. This is to make your situation as easy as peaceful as possible as you begin again.

Child Maintenance

Child Support Orders vary in every state. They are oftentimes based upon the non custodial parent’s gross income. There are various factors that determine child support. If the child has special needs, that S factored, along with the amount of time the child spends with each parent. Everything is considered with the wellness of the child in mind first. Once established in court, it is to the child’s advantage that the order is carried out effectively.


Greenville family domestic law attorneys can aid you throughout the child support enforcement division. They are authorized to obtain and access different avenues of the system and defend your basic needs, as well as your child’s. It is imperative that the amount of support leaves room for you to grow and maintain yourself properly. The right representation in these cases are beneficial. They can aid you in understanding and making sure your child receives proper support.


Issues such as continuance, child maintenance, visits, and guardianship may result in modifications to certain court orders. It is a rarity, but it does happen. It is the same in divorce and paternity orders. This happens throughout life changes in time. For example, your child’s emotional needs change, you choose a different career, the other parties employment status, or your child starts daycare or sports and it changes their expense. Adjustments like this require the party undergoing the change to motion for a modification of an existing order. You may have to undergo or defend these changes.

Restraining Orders

Certain circumstances of abuse, trouble, or persecution may result in an order of protection. Sometimes these incidences occur within your relationship, and you need an extra layer of protection to feel safe. No matter the relationship or variation of danger, Greenville family & domestic law attorneys are trained and ready to help you establish justice and protection for our litigant. We will exhaust all options available to us for your security and assurance.


Cases pertaining to children are just as effective as divorce. In today’s society, many people are choosing to have children without marriage. Even though you do not have to undergo a divorce once separated, there are issues with raising your child separately that must be resolved.


At Greenville Injury Lawyers we have experience both at representing all parties in child custody matters and making sure a fair and favorable outcome results  in the best interest of the child. When representing a father, besides making sure the father is an active part of his child’s life, we are there at the beginning to advise the father on his rights regarding DNA testing.


Greenville family and domestic lawyers have a history of representation in custody and guardianship dealings. We warrant the outcome with your child as our highest priority. When representing fathers, we recommend a paternity test first so he knows what his rights are. We can then proceed to defend him in becoming an active influence in his child’s life.


In our modern , tech-savvy society, it isn’t uncommon for a parent to relocate themselves and their children to another state. Career advancement, extended family, or remarriage are a few reasons why this occurs. In some states, you are required to have consent from the other parent or the Judge reviewing your case hearing. It is important to know the do’s and don’ts of divorce and custody, and how it applies to you. Greenville family and domestic lawyers will provide clarity and expert advice in the midst of the chaos and confusion. Contact us today.

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