What Info Must I Exchange After A Car Accident?

A car accident can be one of the most stressful things in one’s life. They are time consuming, expensive, and can cause both physical and emotional pain. It is important to be prepared in the event that you are in a car accident. If you are in a car accident, you must exchange the following with the other vehicle drivers:


  1. License plate numbers.
    1. This is so the vehicles involved in the accident can be easily identified and known since every vehicle in the state of South Carolina is registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Driver’s license numbers.
    1. This is so the drivers can be easily identifiable, as everyone has a unique number that is only assigned to them.
  3. Name.
    1. This is one should be obvious, but it is important to know who was involved in the accident.
  4. Address.
    1. This is important to know if going to court is necessary. This information can be confirmed by way of the other individual’s driver’s license.
  5. Phone number.
    1. This is so you or your attorney can reach the other person in case there is come mix up or your attorney needs to question them.
  6. Insurance company and policy number.
    1. This information will be used to file a claim against the liable party’s insurance. We strongly encourage you to never speak directly with the other party’s insurance company. That is because insurance companies are notorious for lowballing and trying to get people to accept settlements that are significantly less than what they deserve and are legally entitled to receive. With an experienced and knowledgeable attorney (such as from Angelica Hernandez in Greenville, South Carolina) on your team, insurance companies will not be able to play this trick with you. Here at Angelica Hernandez, we will ensure our clients are treated fairly and get the financial compensation package that they truly deserve and ought to get.


These six things are what you need to exchange after you are involved in a car accident. Additionally, it is important to call law enforcement. The police report they provide will document what happen and will be considered as strong evidence, especially if you have to take the insurance company to court in order to get your financial compensation package to cover the damages caused to your property and being.


If you have been involved in a car accident, reach out to Angelica Hernandez today! Our knowledgeable and highly skilled attorneys will walk you through the legal process and make sure you are treated fairly by all parties involved. We are on your team. We look forward to helping you win your case!

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