What are the Signs of Elder Abuse and Neglect? – Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney Spartanburg SC

A major concern that is brought to the attention of personal injury attorneys in the care of the elderly is the danger of abuse, neglect or exploitation. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 500,000 people a year age 60 or older across the country are subject to abuse or neglect.   The CDC identifies six types of mistreatment that may occur among the elderly: Physical abuse Sexual abuse Emotional abuse Neglect Financial abuse Abandonment How do I recognize abuse, neglect or exploitation of the elderly? It may be hard to recognize abuse, neglect or exploitation of the elderly. The most extreme cases of abuse may...

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Spartanburg attorney Mark Nowell presented with Client Distinction Award

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Notable award presented to Spartanburg Attorney Mark Nowell. Spartanburg attorney Mark Nowell was recently presented with the Martindale-Hubbell® Client Distinction Award. This honor has been made possible by Attorney Nowell’s clients who have taken the time to provide feedback in the areas of communications ability, responsiveness, quality of service, and value for money. Less than 4% of the 900,000+ attorneys listed on martindale.com and lawyers.com have been awarded this Martindale-Hubbell® honor of distinction. According to the Martindale-Hubbell® website, "Client Review Ratings use a simple one-page survey with four main questions for you to assess communication ability, quality of service, responsiveness and value...

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“Sober or Slammer” DUI crackdown in effect in South Carolina. DUI Defense

Crackdown in place August 21st - Sept 7th. You may have noticed the signs along the highway this month promoting SC Law Enforcement's 2015 “Sober or Slammer" DUI crackdown campaign. To combat the use of drugs and alcohol while driving the campaign is being promoted as part of a National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) program, during the weeks of August 21 through September 7, 2015. Labor Day weekend brings an increase in highway travel and drunk and drug impaired driving nationally. NHTSA statistics show that there were 424 crash fatalities during Labor Day weekend in 2013, with almost half involving...

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How should I be compensated if I’ve been injured by someone? – Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, injured at work, or any other injury, you may want to consider how much these injuries have cost you monetarily, physically and emotionally. You may want to think about, possibly with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, what the case may be worth to you and whether you should seek compensation for damages. In a personal injury case, damages are paid by the person or company (defendant) responsible for the injuries to the injured person (plaintiff). Damage awards are usually negotiated with the parties involved in the accident,...

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4 Things to Remember if You’re Injured in a Car Accident: Car Accident Attorneys

car accident attorneys

When the unexpected happens and you find yourself injured in an auto accident, a few steps may help to get the care you need and the compensation necessary to cover the costs associated with an accident. Below are a few things to remember if you are injured in a car accident. 1. Take notes to document any injuries you may have sustained and its effect on your daily life. The notes you take right after your car accident could be very useful in the following months when you or your car accident attorneys are putting the facts together to make demands for compensation. Your...

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What happens if I’m stopped and questioned for drunk driving?- DUI Attorneys

A DUI charge is one of the most serious driving offenses. State legislatures across the country are leaning toward tougher penalties as they consider legislation to curb drunk driving. Aside from what actually constitutes a DUI, many people often ask what leads an officer to make the traffic stop, and ultimately the arrest. How do the police determine whether a driver is under the influence/intoxicated? A police officer will typically use three methods to determine whether you are driving under the influence: 1.The officer will observe your driving, and in many cases a minor traffic violation or swerving or erratic driving is the...

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What Should I Do When Faced With A DUI Charge? – DUI Defense

dui defense

DUI Basics So you and some friends decide to get a few drinks one night, you volunteer to drive everyone home, and the next thing you know you are being asked to step out of the vehicle and submit to Field Sobriety Tests by an officer on the side of the road at night, you are then told you have failed said tests, are arrested, and are charged with DUI. You are then taken to a jail where the officer asks you to follow along while he reads you a very technical and very complicated document (the Implied Consent form) and...

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What am I facing if convicted of DUI? – DUI Defense

DUI Defense

Do you know your rights when it comes to a DUI or a DUAC (Driving with an Unlawful Alcohol Concentration) charge? You are always presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you are convicted of a DUI or DUAC, the penalties and punishments will vary depending on the state you live in, the aggravating circumstances of your case, and your cooperation with police authorities during an investigation and arrest. The following information is based on South Carolina law. Will I face jail time if charged with a DUI or DUAC in South Carolina? Sentencing ranges for a DUI or...

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Juvenile Defense: My child has been charged with a crime. What should we do?

What should I expect if a petition is filed against me for an offense? If a petition is filed against you, you have certain constitutional rights such as: the right to notice of the charges filed against you; the right not to incriminate yourself; the right to counsel in your juvenile defense; and the right to cross examine your accusers. You and your parents will receive notice of charges filed against you, and the date of your adjudicatory hearing (to decide your guilt or innocence). You may choose to plead guilty or not guilty during this phase. If you plead guilty or are found to be guilty...

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Workers’ Compensation: 4 things every employee should know.

Workers' Compensation laws were enacted in the early 20th century in South Carolina and other US states to expedite the process for injured workers to receive compensation for job related injuries.  Most businesses, including those with four or more employees, are required by law to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance. Below are a few things employees should remember about Workers' Compensation: 1. You should verify that your employer has insurance. Most employers with 4 or more employees are required to have workers' compensation insurance. There are a few exceptions, visit the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission website to learn more. It's a good...

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