Unbuckled Passengers at Risk in Greenville, SC Car Accidents

Seat belts save lives. The evidence is conclusive. All of the available data shows that there is a significant increase in the likelihood of surviving a car accident when the participants are properly buckled up. Because of this, most states have now mandated that seat belts must be worn when a vehicle is in use. Greenville, SC is one of these states. Therefore, if you are not wearing a seat belt, a police officer has the right to pull you over and issue you a ticket. Repeat offenses will result in more severe fines.


Angelica Hernandez Law, LLC, which is a personal injury law firm, serves the entire state of South Carolina. Our attorneys have specialized in car accident cases, so we are quite knowledgeable on all things related to car accidents, including issues involving to seat belts. Additionally, we are advocates for safe driving practices; we strongly believe that increasing safe driving practices is the best (and perhaps only) way to make our roads safer. One big way to increase driver safety is wearing seat belts. You should wear a seat belt whenever you are in a vehicle. It might literally save your life.


How do we get drivers to understand and recognize the dangers of not wearing a seat belt? We think that education is the only way. Perhaps this could be done in an educational program that is required before drivers are able to get their license. However, this is not full proof, as some people will opt to not wear their seat belts, despite the obvious risks involved in doing that. These individuals are only hurting themselves.


If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in the state of South Carolina, Angelica Hernandez is here to help! We are a full service law firm that will handle all your legal needs. We will negotiate with the insurance companies, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and, if necessary, take your case all the way to court. We are thorough and never leave anything to chance. Additionally, we believe the legal system should be open to everyone. Because of this belief, we offer free initial consultations to determine the strength and validity of your claim. If you have a solid claim, we will work for you on a contingency basis; this means that we will only issue a bill after we have won your case and you have received the financial compensation package that you deserve and are legally entitled to receive under existing South Carolina state laws. With Angelica Hernandez, you have nothing to lose. We look forward to working with you!

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