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Wrongful Death Lawyer Greenville, SC

Wrongful Death Lawyer Greenville, SC

Wrongful Death Lawyer Greenville, SC


Wrongful Death Lawyer Greenville, SC – The death of a human being as a result of someone else’s misconduct or negligence, whether it was intentional or accidental, should not be dismissed. The responsible party or parties should be held liable for their actions or failure to act in order to prevent another tragedy from happening. It is imperative that you contact one of our lawyers here at Greenville Injury Lawyers as soon as possible to ensure you get the compensation that you rightfully deserve. View other practice areas here.


Who Can File for a Wrongful Death Claim?


Wrongful Death Lawyer Greenville, SC – A wrongful death claim is typically made by a close family member or loved one of the deceased person to acquire compensation for having to live without that individual. This requital is intended to cover the deceased’s income as well as the emotional pain that the family is undergoing. People who have a right to file this claim:

  • Spouse of the deceased
  • Any dependents such as children or stepchildren
  • Parents of the deceased
  • Any other minor who has been living with the victim for half of a year or more
  • Siblings of the deceased
  • Grandparents of the departed individual
  • Wrongful Death Proceedings


Wrongful Death Lawyer Greenville, SC – Losing a loved one is never easy, and it is important that you take the time to grieve properly with your family and friends. Our skilled lawyers can help relieve you of the burdens of a lawsuit by ending any legal disputes, and redeem the compensation you are entitled to. In order for us to build a strong and successful case it is essential that you act quickly. A wrongful death claim is taken care of by the civil court system instead of the criminal court system. Numerous wrongful death claims rely significantly on the facts of what caused the accident to occur in the first place, as well as identifying the person or persons who are accountable. Over time eyewitnesses can forget specific details, and vital pieces of evidence can be lost. Our experienced attorneys will bring in specialists to examine the accident and record the facts before they are irretrievable. View this article about wrongful deaths.


Settlements for Wrongful Death


Wrongful Death Lawyer Greenville, SC – Sometimes pursuing a settlement is in the best interest of our clients, and our legal counsel will be personally committed to your case. Do not agree to a settlement without contacting one of our reputable wrongful death attorneys first, we are only interested in pursuing a settlement that is in the best interests of our client. Most of the time wrongful death lawsuits do not even make it to trial because both parties agree upon a settlement in advance. Your attorney should be familiar with the facts of the case, understand your needs, and know the best approach to take for your specific case.


If your loved one was killed due to someone else’s neglect, please contact us today. Our reputable wrongful death attorneys have experience in dealing with these particular cases and will make sure you receive full compensation. Contact Greenville Injury Lawyers as soon as possible for a legal examination of your case at 123.123.1234