Applying for Social Security Disability? Get Help!

Applying for Social Security Disability? Get Help!

Yeah, sure, sometimes it seems like filling out another medical form and faxing over some records is simple enough, but did you know that 65% of initial Social Security Disability claims are denied? Rather than getting bogged down in the various forms, consider hiring a Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney to help your application get started on the right foot.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer to Help with My Social Security Disability Claim?

A Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer can help ensure you meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability and assist you in filing the appropriate application and medical documents. A reputable lawyer with experience dealing with Social Security Disability claims understands what the Social Security Administration is looking for and can help you provide a complete application that is more likely to be accepted.

While the disability application can be completed online, there’s a long checklist of things you’ll need. For many applicants, there isn’t just one doctor they’ve been seeing or a couple of medications. They have undergone extensive testing and seen several specialists in their attempts to deal with their situation. The Social Security Disability application asks for information regarding all of these, and generally it’s better to be very specific. Unless you’ve done a great job keep everything filed and organized, the application can be a trial.

The Social Security Administration, however, does allow people who apply to have a representative. This is where a knowledgeable lawyer can step in and help you get all your ducks in a row to ensure that when you do apply, whether online or in person, all your information is complete and accurate.

I Already Applied Without a Lawyer, What Now?

If you have already sent in your application, hopefully it will be successful. Unfortunately, 65% percent of claims are denied during the initial application process. Thankfully, there is an appeals process and it’s not too late to get representation.

If your claim is denied, your denial notice will contain information about why you were denied disability. If you feel there has been an error or have new medical information to further support your claim, you can file a reconsideration appeal. While this type of appeal has a low rate of success—only about 15% of reconsidered cases are approved—denial can lead to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing.

The ALJ hearing has a higher level of success. Once again, it is not too late to speak with a Tampa Social Security Disability attorney at this stage. While it may take a while to receive a hearing, it is a great opportunity to present your case to an actual judge and see someone face to face. More claimants are successful during the ALJ hearing than any other part of the appeals process, though the hearing can also be appealed if need be.

If you’ve been denied disability benefits, meeting with a Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer can help you determine whether you should move forward with the appeals process. They can help you sort out any paperwork you may have been missing and determine what may be needed to move towards a successful outcome.

A Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney Is Ready To Help

Applying for disability benefits isn’t something you have to do alone. Give your application a greater chance for success by teaming up with a skilled Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer. With specialized knowledge and years of experience, a qualified Social Security Disability attorney can help you prepare your necessary paperwork and apply for the benefits you need.