Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrian Accidents

A chilling statistic:

South Carolina reported more pedestrian fatalities than most other U.S. states in 2019. [U.S. Department of Transportation / National Highway Traffic Safety Administration –  2019 Pedestrians Traffic Safety Fact Sheet – 2021.] Even when a fatality does not occur, a pedestrian accident can be devastating. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you may have physical injuries ranging from sprains and fractures to multi-organ trauma or even serious brain injury . You may also face prolonged emotional distress as a result of this traumatic experience. Both physical and emotional injuries can lead to lost wages, medical bills, or insurance claim disputes.

If you are a victim of a pedestrian accident in South Carolina, or have lost a loved one as a result of a pedestrian accident, get the resolution you deserve. Contact Greenville Injury Lawyers now for a free consultation.

The pedestrian accident lawyers at Greenville Injury Lawyers are experienced advocates for the rights of pedestrian accident victims in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area.

We understand the many complex pedestrian traffic laws, and have the experience necessary to help determine who holds the legal responsibility in a pedestrian accident.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

If you have been injured by a motor vehicle, a Greenville Injury Lawyers pedestrian accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options. Several common factors contribute to pedestrian accidents, including:

  • Failure to Yield at an Intersection or Crosswalk: As a pedestrian, you have the right of way at intersections, driveways, and legal crosswalks. Drivers who do not exercise care at these locations run the risk of endangering or injuring pedestrians.
  • Reversing into a Pedestrian: Parking lot pedestrian injuries are not uncommon. These accident often occur when a driver backs out of a parking space and is distracted, doesn’t check for pedestrians while reversing, or simply doesn’t see a pedestrian while backing up.
  • Passing a Vehicle Stopped at a Crosswalk: Some accidents occur when many pedestrians would least expect it—while crossing a legal crosswalk in front of a stopped vehicle. These accidents occur as a result of drivers approaching from behind the stopped vehicle who may not see the pedestrians crossing the street.

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Regardless of the cause of this accident, you have rights as a pedestrian. The knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyers of Greenville Injury Lawyers will examine the details of your accident, build a strong claim on your behalf, and help protect your legal rights to collect compensation.

As you rebuild your life, you can feel confident that the pedestrian accident lawyers at Greenville Injury Lawyers are working to build a strong case for you. You are never alone in the process—we are dedicated to keeping you informed of your case’s progress, and will do our best to answer any questions you may have along the way.


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