Dog Bite Injury

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Dog Bite Injury

Dog bites injuries are capable of causing both physical and mental suffering. That is why dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets restrained and away from potentially dangerous situations.

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South Carolina Dog Bite Laws

South Carolina is a statutory strict liability state, meaning dog owners may be liable—or financially responsible—to pay for a dog bite victim’s damages, whether or not the dog showed vicious behavior prior to the attack. There are several common factors surrounding dog bite attacks that may affect a victim’s ability to collect compensation:

  • Did negligence contribute to the attack? Negligence is grounds for liability in South Carolina. If it can be determined that a dog owner’s careless behavior led to the attack, that person may be held responsible for the victim’s damages.
  • Was a landlord or property owner involved? In certain cases, a landlord may be held responsible for dog bite damages if he or she was aware a tenant possessed a dangerous animal and failed to ensure the safety of other people on the premises.
  • Did the incident involve a child? When a child age 6 or older is the victim of a dog bite injury, it must be determined if the child’s behavior provoked the attack. Parental supervision at the time of the incident may also affect a case.

Circumstances like these are often complex and can impact the outcome of your injury claim. An experienced dog bite lawyer from Greenville Injury Lawyers can help protect your legal rights after a dog bite.

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