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Diagnosed with Cancer after Using Belviq or Belviq XR?

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With the Centers for Disease Control reporting that 49.1% of adults in the USA attempted to lose weight at least once in the course of a year (2013-2016), its no wonder so many Americans turn to diet pills and pharmaceuticals for help.

But sometimes the drugs meant to help us, actually do the opposite. Belviq (Belviq XR), a prescription drug used for weight management in obese adults, has been shown to increase the risk of cancer.

If you or a loved one were prescribed Belviq or Belviq XR and were later diagnosed with cancer, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit.

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What Was Belviq Used For?

Initially approved by the FDA in 2012, Belviq had been used as a prescription weight loss drug for those who had difficulty losing weight through diet and exercise alone. The drug’s primary mode of action was to make those using it feel satiated (full), curbing appetite and by effect, reducing overall caloric intake.

FDA Belviq Recall: Unacceptable Cancer Risk

In February of 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a recall for Belviq (lorcaserin), citing an unacceptable risk of patients developing cancer and other serious side effects.

As part of this recall, the FDA alerted the public that clinical trials of the drug had indicated an increased risk of developing cancer.

About the Recall

In 2012, the Belviq was approved for use with the requirement that it continue to carry out ‘post-marketing’ studies to further determine the potential for any negative side effects.

The continuation of such studies was carried out to determine the potential risk of heart issues associated with the use of Belviq, however, the data revealed an unexpected result: an increased risk of developing cancer.

Belviq Cancer Risk: what the studies say

Allegations against the drugmaker (Eisai Inc.) assert that the company was aware of significant safety concerns regarding the drug’s use, but did not adequately disclose these risks.

When it was approved in 2012 there was evidence that some Belviq studies had linked the weight loss drug to an increased risk of tumor development and cancers in rats.

Public Citizen: a consumer advocacy group

Not long after hitting the market, Public Citizen sounded the warning bells regarding the potential for serious side effects affecting the heart.

In early 2020, the FDA joined the sound off, warning that the data obtained from Eisai Inc’s post-marketing clinical trials implicated that Belviq may increase the risk of various cancers.

These Studies Demonstrated an Increased Risk/Occurrence of:

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Lung cancer

In light of this information, the FDA stepped in, and on February 13th, 2020, they mandated a removal of Belviq from the market. At this point, patients prescribed the drug were told to stop, and to safely dispose of any remaining pills.

Allegations of Ignoring The Warning Signs

Lawsuits filed against the maker of Belviq claim that Eisai Inc. knew of and ignored warning signs that indicated the drug’s potential for increasing the risk of certain cancers.

Patients allege that by doing so, the makers of Belviq put profit before consumer safety, bringing to market a weight management pill that was both under-researched and dangerous.

Despite being aware of potential risks, lawsuits suggest that Belviq not only continued to sell, but to aggressively market and encourage the use of Belviq for the purpose of weight loss and improving overall health.

Withholding of information linking the drug to cancer was withheld from regulators, doctors, and consumers alike. As a result, those affected may not be eligible to significant financial compensation.


Belviq Lawsuits Claim That the Company:

  • Did not adequately research side effects associated with Belviq prior to bringing it to market
  • Failed to properly follow through with post-marketing studies intended to evaluate the risk of cancer
  • Intentionally ignored evidence suggesting a link between Belviq and cancer
  • Championed misleading and/or outright false information regarding the drug’s safety profile
  • Delayed issuing a recall, while continuing to push a dangerous product on an unknowing public
  • Put profit before patient health and safety

Who Qualifies to File a Belviq Lawsuit?

Every case and situation is unique. In order to determine your eligibility, reach out to our personal injury law firm for a complimentary case evaluation.

Who Qualifies?

In general, any patient who had taken Belviq for a period of six months or longer, and who later developed colorectal, pancreatic, or lung cancer may qualify.

*Use of Belviq does not have to be 6-consecutive months, but 6-months or more total

Heirs and family members of a patient who had taken Belviq for six or more months and later died from these cancers may also qualify (strict statute of limitations often exist, so don’t delay).

What Types of Compensation are Available?

At Greenville Injury Lawyers we know what it takes to help our clients get maximum compensation for their injuries. We’re no stranger to fighting big pharma on behalf of our clients and making sure they get the representation they deserve.

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Types of Compensation You May Qualify for Includes:

  • Past, current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages from time off work
  • Lost future earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Therapy
  • And more…

Why Greenville Injury Lawyers Personal Injury Attorneys?

We know how difficult it can be to hear a diagnosis of cancer. While the road ahead may be a bit bumpy, we’re here to help smoothen the trail and lighten the load.

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