Do’s and Don’ts of a Case

Do’s and Don'ts of a Case

When trying to understand your case, remember there are many parts that help decide the ending verdict. Our job is to help you know what to do and when it must be done to ensure you have a strong claim. The process is a long one, but don’t let it be one that keeps you stressed. Know the dos and don’ts of your case by following these steps to help ensure you to have a smooth process.


  • Do stay in communications with us and immediately update us on any changes in your contact information.
  • Do always ask us questions if you do not understand some aspect of your case.
  • Do read all of our letters to you and let us know if you have any questions about them.
  • Do comply with our requests for information, documents, and records and timely provide them to us.
  • Do timely appear at all meetings, depositions, hearings, etc. that are scheduled with you.
  • Do look at your case as a judge and jury will see it.
  • Do tell us everything about your case whether you think it helps or hurts your case.
  • Do tell the truth.


  • Don’t state facts that are beyond your knowledge without clarifying with us that you think this may be true.
  • Don’t let the opposing attorney or the circumstances get you angry or frustrated.
  • Don’t try to decide before you answer whether a truthful answer will help or hinder your case.
  • Don’t discuss your case with others because the attorney/client privilege may not apply.