Florida: The leader in number of senior citizens killed in traffic accidents

Florida: The leader in number of senior citizens killed in traffic accidents

If may be difficult to tell your parents to give up their car keys, but it can also be the right thing to do. Especially, as Florida is the leader when it comes to the number of senior citizens killed in traffic accidents, you might be helping prevent an accident from happening.

It is no shocker that elders and teenagers are more likely to be involved in auto accidents. However, it is never an easy thing to invert the roles and tell your parents what to do. Parents are supposed to be the ones who teach you anything and in a way, it is still true when it comes to age and driving: do not put vanity over safety.

So yes, age and driving has always been an issue. It is absolutely normal that with the years, one’s reaction time grows slower. This split-second longer to react might be a life-changing moment and not only for the elder driver but for any one else on the road.

Florida: Leader in Number of Senior Citizens Killed in Traffic Accidents

According toa new study, the Sunshine State has the most drivers age 65 and older killed in car accidents. Actually, senior crash rates could get even worse. In fact, the huge boomer population will most definitely live older and stay behind the wheel longer than any previous generation. Thus, state officials estimate that by the year 2030, one in four Florida drivers will be 65 or older. The equation is quite simple.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) states that “license renewal procedures vary from state to state but tend to follow the same pattern. Initial applicants are generally required to provide proof of identity and take vision, written and road tests.” However, in Florida, people aged 80 and older are required to renew their driver’s license after a time as long as 6 years. This period seems quite long considering the often quickly diminishing vision, hearing or capacity to concentrate happening to older people.

It is important and absolutely obvious to note that driving requires a set of skills, along with clarity of mind and judgment in order to safely make one’s way through traffic. As we age, the common physical and mental changes sooner or later impact these capabilities. It could be diminished vision and hearing, reduction in response time, loss of muscle strength and dexterity, loss of capacity to concentrate or even reduced alertness due to medications. There are lots of reasons why someone should take responsibilities and give up the keys.

Adult aging is associated with increasing in the incidence of functional disabilities and this may impair driving safety and mobility. We live in a society that loathes everything that comes along with aging, but when refusing to face the reality is actually making the person a danger to themselves and others on the road, the mater is serious.

Emphasizing the Benefits of Living Without a Car

Giving your parent “the talk” might be challenging. They have been driving “before you were even born” and it might be a shock. They can feel frustrated, angry, irritable or even ashamed and worried that they are losing their independence and being treated like a senile person. Try to focus on the positive aspects of not having to drive anymore: saving money, spend more time with family members who will give them rides, improving their health by walking more… Remember to always be respectful and helpful with finding alternatives.

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