Florida Working to Prevent Head-On Collisions Caused by Wrong-Way Drivers

Wrong Way Driving Accidents increase in Hillsborough County

While there are numerous types of motor vehicle collisions one can be involved in, by far the most dangerous is a head-on crash. The force of the impact in such a collision can be devastating to occupants of the vehicle and often result in serious injury or death.

One of the leading causes for head-on collisions is a wrong-way driver. In fact, five Tampa car accidents resulting from motorists traveling in the wrong direction on the road have been recorded this year and even more have been reported in other areas of the state.

To highlight just how common these accidents are, a wrong-way crash was reported along I-75 in Pasco County on Monday morning.

These collisions are why the Florida Department of Transportation is using technology to put a stop to wrong-way drivers on our state’s highways. According to an article from My FOX Tampa Bay News, officials plan to add new road markings and signs with lights that flash at drivers traveling in the wrong direction. The signs also include sensors that can send a message to 911 when set off. The signs have been installed along I-10 in Tallahassee and along other highways in the state, and can be expected to be installed along other roads soon.

The Tampa personal injury lawyers with John Bales Attorneys have seen the devastation head-on collisions can cause and are hopeful these improvements are effective in preventing such crashes from happening in the future.