Follow These Steps After an Auto Accident

Follow These Steps After an Auto Accident

You may find yourself injured or suffering from property damage. In a split-second, you have been thrown into a lengthy process, which can include insurance claims, medical bills, and new exhaustive financial burden. Knowing your legal options at the time of the distressing event can expedite the process and save you peace of mind. Thousands of auto accidents occur in Florida each year, with an alarming ratio resulting in serious bodily harm. At the time of the accident you may ask yourself what to do if you’re in an Auto Accident. To be safe, it is important to follow the steps outlined below.

Steps After An Auto Accident:

1. Make Note of Your Safety
Your personal safety takes absolute precedence. Make sure all parties involved are sound and okay. Should there be any severe injuries, contact 911 immediately.

2. Secure the Scene of the Accident
Safely set up accident flares and caution tape if necessary. If possible, double-check that your hazard lights are on and steer clear of the roadway.

3. Call the Police
Even if there’s no apparent bodily harm or property damage, you may need an accident report to file an insurance claim with your provider or for ligation purposes.

4. Get Information
You will need to get the names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance carriers, and the insurance policy numbers of all parties involved. In doing this, it is imperative that you do not make an admission of guilt.

5. Take Photos
Use your cell phone or any available camera to take photos of any damage done to all involved vehicles. If you have sustained any observable injuries, be sure to document those as well.

6. Retain the facts
Upon investigation, do your best to recall the facts. It is crucial that you do not hinder with the police investigation. Do not misrepresent information or make deductions. If you are unsure if you are injured, state your uncertainty. It may take hours after the accident for some injuries to become evident.

7. Consider Seeking Medical Attention
Even if you do not exhibit any signs of injury at the scene of the accident, it may still be wise to seek medical council, as some common auto accident injuries may become more evident hours after the event.

Emphasizing the Benefits of Living Without a Car

If you, or a loved one, have suffered injury or damage to property as a result of an auto accident, hiring a qualified auto accident attorney can make all the difference in getting you the help you need to recuperate from a potentially life-altering event.

An Auto Accident attorney can help you:

  • Ensure that your claim is expertly handled.
  • Negotiate sentiments with insurance companies.
  • Recover money to aid you in the cost of medical bills or car repair.
  • Determine the validity of claims made by car insurance companies.

Our Auto Accident Attorneys are there to help. You don’t have fight alone. Contact us today.