Getting Back Up From a Slip-and-Fall Injury

Getting Back Up From a Slip-and-Fall Injury

Most of us can get through life with two feet firmly planted on the ground, but slip-and-fall injuries do happen and are probably more prevalent than you think. The National Floor Safety Institute report as many as 1 million people each year go to the emergency room because of slips and falls. The damage caused can be anything from shrugging it off to heavy medical expenses that require ongoing care and treatment. Because of this, proving fault is important in order to receive compensation for any resultant medical bills. After a slip and fall, it is paramount that you not only seek immediate medical attention, but also notify the property’s management so that an accident report may be filed. Furthermore, it’s important you take these steps regardless of whether you feel pain at the cause time of the accident as injuries can worsen over time. Failing to report the accident could hurt your ability to receive compensation though a premises liability claim later on.

In cases like these, property owners can be held liable for failure to create safe environments such as wet floors, blocked aisles, or for failing to properly warn people about dangerous conditions like ongoing construction. Regardless of what the unsafe scenario is, you need to prove property management either knew about the hazard or should have known about it. Some typical types of evidence used to prove fault in slip and fall lawsuit include:

  • Incident reports filled out after the accident
  • E-mails, bills, reports, or any supporting document that can show that property management was
  • aware of the potential danger
  • Witness statements
  • Photo or video evidence that provide useful information upon the existence of potentially dangerous conditions

If you have been the victim of a slip-and-fall incident, be careful of how you and who you solicit that information to as any statements you make about the accident can be used against you. Evidence used against you may damage your chances at receiving types of compensation awarded to you for things like medical expenses, lost wages due to your inability to work because of your injury, and mental anguish due to loss of enjoyment in life because of your injury. Conversely, evidence to bolster the strength of your claim on those compensations may include medical records, doctor statements, income reports, and testimonies from family and friends about the impact your injury has had on your life.

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