How the Right Personal Injury Law Firm Will Work for YOU

What Should I Expect During My Initial Attorney Consultation?

How to Choose the Right Law Firm for You

Here are some important questions for any law firm you consider asking to represent you:

  • How many cases like yours has the law firm handled?
  • How many referrals come from satisfied, happy clients?
  • Will the firm provide written references from past clients?
  • Does the firm have any investigators on staff?
  • Do they have a registered nurse on staff to help you and your case?
  • Does the firm have any former insurance adjusters on staff?
  • How experienced is their staff in handling injury claims?
  • Do they provide written or video information on how your claim will be handled?
  • Do they provide a Statement of Clients’ Rights?
  • Do the lawyers belong to any trial associations?

Choosing the right lawyer to represent you for your car or truck accident is not easy, but it is important. Before you make your final decision, you have the right to make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

So What Can We Do to Help You?

“Everyone was very courteous. My attorney was honest with where there were weaknesses in my case and why. Everyone was very responsive. Since this was my first experience in a case like this, everything was explained to me at a beginner’s level and clear. You can tell that this is a firm that takes care of their clients and it is not all about the money. They give you the pros and cons and I appreciate that greatly. This is definitely a firm you can trust.”
Elizabeth H., Advance, N.C.

We find that many people feel nervous, scared or guilty, or are otherwise reluctant to seek help, when they have been injured by someone else’s carelessness. Some have had bad experiences with lawyers. Some have been intimidated by the insurance company. Some simply feel that it is wrong to bring a claim when they have been injured. Unfortunately, justice is not automatic, even when it is clear that you have been wrongfully injured and it is someone else’s fault.

In order to fully protect your legal rights, you must carefully consider and properly address a number of issues. These include time deadlines by which you must file or give notice of your case, how to maneuver through the insurance company minefield and how to take advantage of all laws and insurance policy benefits that apply to you. These legal issues can be quite complex, and errors can be costly. Knowing the applicable law requires not only knowledge of state and federal statutes, but also the cases that have interpreted and applied those laws and the court system itself. Mistakes, such as failing to meet a deadline or comply with a notice requirement in an insurance policy, may cause you to lose your right to make a claim. Say the wrong thing to an insurance adjuster, and you may greatly harm the value of your claim.

One Thing You Don’t Want Is to Be Pressured!

“It seemed as if you really cared that this thing happened to me and realized I was completely innocent. They were so nice and sympathetic on the first call unlike any one else I called.”
Allison T., Winston-Salem, NC

People just want to be treated fairly, but they don’t always know how to make that happen! Once we talk with people about their claims and the legal process, they usually feel much better and more at ease with the process. After talking with us, they understand that it’s okay to be compensated fairly — they feel good about the fact that they are doing the right thing. We think our clients also appreciate the opportunity to talk with us at no charge and with no pressure!

One of the reasons we wrote this book is to see if we can help you. We would like to tell you free of charge about your legal rights, to answer your questions without pressuring you! Here’s what we would like to offer you: a free interview, which lawyers commonly call a case evaluation or consultation. At this meeting, we’ll talk about your legal rights. We’ll talk to you about what you can expect from the insurance company. We’ll also answer any questions you have about our legal experience, including the thousands of cases we have settled and the many cases that we have tried in court.

The Interview Is Free

“They are a nice place to go to for help. A very nice company to deal with.”
Leroy T., Winston-Salem, NC

During this free interview, we’ll do our best to help you:

  • Determine whether you have a valid claim;
  • Find a way to get fairly compensated for your losses;
  • Find out whether the insurance company is withholding benefits that you are entitled to;
  • Find out if the insurance company is pressuring you to make a quick settlement;
  • Help you understand your legal rights;

No Trip to Our Office

“The most memorable thing for me was when I had gotten home from having my first back surgery and I spoke with your firm and someone came out immediately.”
Jacqueline B., Winston-Salem, NC

We are as close to you as your telephone. You do not have to miss work or waste time traveling. We will make special arrangements so that you can meet with us and sign any necessary forms in the comfort of your home. Call us toll-free — 1-800-LAW-7777.

No Lawyer’s Fee Until You Are Paid

“Lewis & Daggett will try to get you the best settlement even if it takes extra time. But it is worth the wait.”
Judy N., Conover, NC

There is never any lawyer’s fee until we get money for you. If we fail to get money for you…you do not owe us any lawyer’s fee! Because we do not get paid until you get paid, we will fight hard to win your case. Winning is not luck — it is knowing how to fight. We fight to win.

We Believe in Returning Phone Calls

“It meant so much to receive phone calls from my legal assistant on a regular basis. It gave me hope. Caring gives hope to the sick that a wrong can be righted legally. Thank you again for your professionalism!”
Billie C., Mayodan, NC

We know how important your case is. Any time you call our office, we’ll make every effort to speak with you or promptly return you call as soon as we possibly can.

We Believe in Keeping You Informed

“I was never in a position where I had to worry about my case or the job of my attorney. Also, I was always kept aware of what was happening. I would recommend you because you all mean business and get the job done.”
Sharale G, Winston-Salem, NC

You will hear from us often. You will receive letters or phone calls from us regularly. We believe you deserve to know what is happening in your case.