Myrtle Beach, SC Is an Eventful Town

Another fantastic thing about Myrtle Beach is the endless number of events the town features. Thanks to the equally charming venues that host various shows, some of which include. Information can be found here.

Carolina Opry

The Carolina Opry has been the go-to place for some of the biggest shows in Myrtle Beach for well over 30 years, having staged over 9,000 productions. Loved by locals and tourists alike, the Carolina Opry pulses with music most nights of the year. A trip to the Opry is the beachy South Carolina version of Broadway in New York City. The Carolina Opry features productions with catchy, classic tunes that will have you clapping and singing along. Each performance showcases talented singers, musicians, comedians, and dancers, including acts from America’s Got Talent and American Idol. See here for information about Myrtle Beach, SC Bubbles with Parks.

Dolly Parton’s Pirates Voyage

Next door to The Carolina Opry sits Dolly Parton’s “Pirates Voyage,” a dinner show for landlubbers. Guests are seated in front of a watery stage to enjoy a hearty meal while watching acrobatic pirates from the Sapphire and Crimson crews battle for victory. Sea lions, parrots, and other live animals join the pirates for tricks, comedy, and contests. And audience members can also join in on the fun. Even though you can purchase tickets at the door, it’s a good idea to call ahead to secure the best seats.