Myths About Personal Injury Law

Myths About Personal Injury Law

Every profession has its stereotypes, but thanks to the many TV shows that have graced our screens over the years, the legal industry tends to get the good and bad ones. It’s not all courtroom drama and glamorous parties. Here are four myths about personal injury law and the hard-working lawyers.

1. Personal Injury Lawyers Lead a Thrilling, High-Powered and Glamorous Life.
Many people believe lawyers use their degree to go to court every day and battle with the opposing counsel. In fact, the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled before they even get to court.

2. It Pays Well.
A legal career can pay well, but it takes time to get there. The most highly compensated attorneys are employed in the world’s mega-firms which are extremely selective in their hiring process. It takes hard work and a business mindset to build up a client base and effectively market your services.

3. Personal Injury Lawyers are Ambulance Chasers.
The media, TV shows and movies often portray personal injury lawyers as ambulance chasers to try and take advantage of people who have been injured. Florida has strict regulations that make it illegal to contact prospective clients that wouldn’t allow for lawyers to run after ambulances. Many lawyers have chosen personal injury because they care about obtaining justice for the injured.

4. Cases Take Forever to Finish.
Most personal injury cases are resolved within 8-12 months. If a lawsuit is filed, it may take longer to resolve; however, if the two parties reach an agreement before filing the lawsuit, it won’t take as long.

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