Putting an End to Distracted Driving

Putting an End to Distracted Driving

You can barely turn on the radio to listen to the traffic reports or tune into the evening news without hearing about a traffic accident. Unfortunately, there have been too many accidents lately in Tampa. While we certainly don’t hear about every incident (imagine all those fender benders that don’t make the news), the serious accidents help clue us in to some common causes of car accidents. Lately, one factor that has received continued press coverage is distracted driving.

I’ve covered distracted driving a few times on the blog. While there are no clear statistics as to whether distracted driving has increased over the past couple of years, the news would surely have us believe that it has.

It’s also important to note that the only distracted driving we hear about and that are tallied up in the stats are the ones that cause accidents. Plenty of people drive distracted every day. And to date, most of them have remained lucky and have either not caused an accident or have walked away from a minor accident.

Even without the most recent statistics on distracted driving (the last ones we have are from 2014), we know that more than 10% of traffic fatalities are caused by distracted driving. Those three thousand lives lost yearly, plus all the lives lost because of drunk drivers, could have been prevented.

Stopping Distracted Driving in its Tracks

To stop distracted driving, it’s necessary to make a commitment. When we’re behind the wheel, we should be focused solely on driving. Obviously, that’s pretty hard for a lot of us. Whether we’re fiddling with a radio or temperature dial, checking a text, or grabbing a bite, there are so many distractions we actively participate in on a daily basis.

Are you ready to commit to stopping distracted driving in its tracks? Then it’s time to make a change. Start by noting your behaviors. What’s your most egregious driving no-no? Do you hear the text alert on your phone and instantly grab it? Do you eat your breakfast as you drive to work? Do frequently find yourself surfing radio stations?

Next, pick one bad habit to curb. If you’re always eating and driving, consider getting up a few minutes earlier to eat breakfast at home or commit to parking and eating and then driving. Can’t stand radio commercials? Toss in a CD and let it play. And the phone? Keep it out of reach.

Once you conquer one bad habit, move on to another. Slowly, you can diminish your distracted driving. It just takes one modification at a time.

Seeking Help From a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer

Someone’s decision to drive drunk can have long-lasting consequences. If you or a loved one are a victim of a distracted driver, consulting with a Tampa car accident lawyer can help.

Car accidents can lead to severe injuries and exorbitant medical fees. Some injuries may even require ongoing care. In addition, lost wages and damaged property can compound an already bad situation and make it worse. Trying to worry about paying medical bills, applying for disability pay, and dealing with a car insurer can be difficult. Especially when you should be focused on healing.

When you speak with a Tampa car accident lawyer, you’re speaking to a potential partner who can help you fight for compensation. A consultation can provide you with information about whether you have a viable claim, how long the process may take, and how to proceed. There’s plenty of information online, some accurate, some not, but nothing compares to a one-on-one conversation with an actual Tampa car accident lawyer.

Don’t wait to file your claim—speak with a Tampa car accident lawyer today so you can focus on your well-being.