Safety Tips for Playing Pokémon Go

Safety Tips for Playing Pokémon Go

Many Americans, along with the news media, have been surprised with the popularity of Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game for android and iOS devices. Featuring the popular “pocket monsters” from the Pokémon trading card game and show, Pokémon Go encourages players to find and collect Pokémon “in the real world” by combining GPS and camera phone features with its geocaching software. While many users have credited the game with getting them outside and walking around, Pokémon Go users have also faced some issues.

Pokémon Go’s Safety Troubles

Safety Tips: Don’t Risk Your Wellbeing to Catch Them All

Trying to fill your Pokédex may be fun, but you shouldn’t risk your safety to do so. Here are some tips to keep you safe while you chase Pikachu. Parents, be sure to pass them along to your kids if they enjoy the popular app.

Keep your head up. The opening graphic of the app shows a Gyrados preparing to attack a player engrossed in their phone and offers a warning to users, telling them to stay aware of their surroundings. While the game does require moments of looking at your phone, make sure to check that the path you are walking on is safe. Users have fallen into holes, tripped over cinder blocks and more.

If you found a Pokémon you’d like to capture, make sure to stop at a safe location before tossing your Pokéballs. You may have to let a few creatures go if they choose to appear at or near intersections or in places of heavy foot traffic.

Use your judgement and don’t go anywhere you normally wouldn’t go. While the game incentivizes exploring, it can also jeopardize your safety if you’re led to place you’re unfamiliar with. Parks, trails, and other nature sites are great for exploring, but stick to areas where there may be other people. It has been reported that some teens arranged armed robberies of users by finding secluded Pokémon. If you aren’t familiar with an area and would like to go exploring, go with a friend, make sure you have sufficient battery life, and go during daylight hours.

Bring your charger. Pokémon Go, because it utilizes GPS heavily, drains batteries quickly. Don’t get caught unprepared. Bring a charger with you on your missions.

Don’t Drive and Catch. If you’re on the road, a good rule of thumb is that your phone should stay in your cupholder. Any Pokémon or texts can wait until you’re safely stopped. While it may be tempting to drive around to find new creatures to catch, the amount of attention to your phone it necessitates increases your risk of accident. A free app isn’t worth totaling your car, injuring yourself, or hurting another person.

While Pokémon Go is sure to have some bugs to work out, it’s proven very successful for Niantic so far. However, players need to ensure they adapt to the new augmented reality game safely and keep the real world in mind as they let their imaginations roam.

Heavy usage that surprised even Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, have left many users unable to play or facing hours of failed login efforts. However, the scariest effect of the popular game so far has been how it has captivated so many people—to the point of jeopardizing their safety.

In order to “catch them all”, users must explore new areas in search of Pokémon who will appear on their screens. While a small vibration accompanies the appearance of a nearby Pokémon, many users rely on their phones to navigate through the real world, rather than look up. Reports of users falling and tripping have become commonplace. In addition, some Pokémon Go users are driving and playing the game rather than focusing on the road, causing car accidents and risking the safety of others.

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