Should I Represent Myself After My Auto Accident?

Should I Represent Myself After My Auto Accident?

People With Lawyers Get More Money

“When I was at my mediation, we got to a point where the insurance company ran out of money. My lawyer advised me to hold out, but I was ready to get this over with and said I would take what they had offered. When my lawyer came back in, he had gotten another $1,000 on top of the amount I was ready to take.”
Joshua G., Jamestown, NC

Insurance company research shows that people who have auto accident lawyers receive larger settlements. Of course, each case is different; we cannot guarantee any results in your case, or the amount of any recovery. But we can promise to work our hardest and use our 23-plus years of experience to get you the best financial compensation we can.

What if the Defendant Is a Friend or Relative?

“They made me feel like I was doing the right thing. You have a great reputation and I was treated so nicely during this whole process. I never thought I would have to sue anyone and was very anxious. Both my attorneys encouraged me to take care of myself; get second opinions from doctors; and get regular checkups. These are things I had not thought about.”
Cynthia P., Greensboro, NC

This might be a concern if someone you care about is personally or legally responsible for your injuries. However, we do not take money away from friends or relatives — we collect settlements for our clients from the insurance companies that insure friends and relatives. If the defendant in your case is your best friend or someone you know, give us a call. We have handled many similar cases and would be happy to talk about it with you.

Will You Have to Go to Court?

“Because you got the job done and we didn’t even have to have a hearing. Thank you!”
Brenda T., Lexington, NC

Most likely, no! Most cases are settled without the client setting foot in the courtroom once. We’re proud to say that cases are often resolved through hard work combined with knowledge, skill and perseverance, without actually having to go to court. But if we need to go, we are ready, willing and able!

Little-Known Law Revealed

“The most memorable thing was your attention to detail and the ability to explain in an understandable manner the legal complexities of the ongoing case, and honest advice when asked straight forward questions. I would recommend you because of your friendly, approachable people who try to see that you get the help you need when you find yourself in an unforeseen, difficult situation. Keep up the good work, the positive attitude and support also helps a lot when the situation is beyond anyone’s control. Keep sharing information to keep the client informed.”
John B., Walkertown, NC

Florida is one of only a handful of states which still follow a rule of law called contributory negligence. Under this law, if the defendant can prove that the injured party was at fault in any way in causing the accident, even 0.01% at fault, the injured party recovers nothing. This defense is frequently used by insurance companies and other wrongdoers in Florida to defeat or reduce the value of a claim. Almost all other states use different rules, which allow injured people who bear some fault for their accidents to recover at least partial compensation.

As Close as Your Phone

“All the staff treated me with respect and was always willing to get me a quick response for medical treatment and was willing to just listen to me and be considerate of my pain and the situation I was facing.”
Debra M, Wilkesboro, NC

We are as close to you as your telephone. We represent people all over the state of Florida. Our clients like the idea they do not have to drive, park their cars and miss work just to talk to us. Telephone appointments are convenient and, most importantly, save our clients lots of time.

More Stuff You Need to Know

“They were professional in taking care of business. They took the time in getting all the facts together and they did it in little time. Thank you so much in helping me. You all are a Godsend. I would recommend you because you are thorough in doing your homework. You can’t change or go against a good thing. Keep the good work up!”
George F., Mebane, NC

  • We have represented clients from all over the state of Florida, and beyond.
  • We have handled thousands of cases involving injury or wrongful death.
  • If you do not have a lawyer, please call our office now. You have nothing to lose.
  • The free information we provide either over the phone or in writing could put more money in your pocket. Do not take chances.

Show Them You Mean Business

“The personal relations that [were] made [were] very professional, but always felt as if a friend was taking care of business, not just some lawyer. Well, it is like your TV ad states, ‘we mean business’.”
Chris T., Newport, KY

If this applies to you in any way, then you’ve probably got a few questions. Feel free to call us while this is still fresh in your mind. Waiting any longer may cause more stress or concern on your part, and we would be happy to get you the information that may ease your mind.

You are always free to hire someone else. This happens sometimes, and it’s okay. But at least you will have the information in these blogs and the benefit of the information that we will give you when we talk. If you think this approach is fair, and you want to take advantage of the free interview, with no obligation, just give John Bales Attorneys a call, and we will set a time aside for us to talk.

We look forward to hearing from you!