What To Do When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

What To Do When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Many people have considered getting a little nip and tuck to enhance their appearance, make themselves feel more comfortable in their bodies, or to appear younger. While plastic surgery has become more commonplace than it was ten or twenty years ago, if the news is any indication, there are still plenty of challenges when it comes to quality.

Florida news has been filled with stories of dangerous clinics and botched breast surgeries. Unfortunately, these victims aren’t alone. And they aren’t complaining about Botox’s inability to make them look younger. Victims of bad plastic surgery have died, suffered nerve damage, and been disfigured. Negligent plastic surgeons should be held accountable—and they can be—under medical malpractice law.

Can I Sue My Plastic Surgeon?

Winning a plastic surgery medical malpractice case can be difficult. Because the procedures are often seen as elective as opposed to necessary, juries tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the doctors. However, a skilled Tampa medical malpractice lawyer adept at dealing with surgical mistakes can help you determine whether your case can be remedied in civil court.

If you’ve suffered from disfigurement, nerve damage, or other complications that were not listed in your contract as within the range of possibilities, such as severe infections and complications from anesthesia, then filing a claim in civil court may help you recover some of the medical costs of repairing or treating your issues.

If you’ve lost a loved one because of a bad plastic surgery procedure, you may file a wrongful death suit against the operating plastic surgeon or the clinic where the procedure was performed. Speaking with a Tampa medical malpractice lawyer will start the wheels of justice by launching an investigation into the wrongful death of your loved one and will let you know the best steps to take to move forward.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Bad Plastic Surgery?

Clickbait links and tabloids love to relate “stories” about celebrities’ botched plastic surgeries— “You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like Now!” and “What Happened to So and So’s Face?” Often, these stories are just exaggerations and the celebrities look fine, though possibly slightly changed (if they did indeed have plastic surgery). These articles ignore the true victims of bad plastic surgery—because let’s be honest—the rich and powerful have the money for the best, board-certified plastic surgeons.

Those of moderate or normal means are more at risk to fall prey to predatory “doctors” who may not even hold the appropriate credentials. They may be oversold on unnecessary procedures, operated on in dangerous conditions, and left with aftercare.

When a doctor has harmed a patient because they failed to use the appropriate equipment or procedures, they should be held responsible—whether they’re a heart surgeon or a plastic surgeon. Likewise, medical centers that allow negligent doctors to operate should also be held responsible. Doctors are expected to live up to a standard of care. Negligent plastic surgeons who perform lazy or dangerous procedures that harm, disfigure, or kill their patients have failed to live up to that standard.

What To Do When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

While plastic surgery is often elective, no one chooses to be victimized by a medical professional. Individuals who are passing themselves off as qualified plastic surgeons should be held responsible for their mistakes, especially when their negligence leads to the disfigurement or personal injury of the patient they should’ve been serving.

The best way to learn more about your legal options is to speak with a Tampa medical malpractice lawyer. A skilled Tampa medical malpractice lawyer can assess your case and help you determine how to best move forward. Don’t delay—Florida does have a statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims. Schedule a consultation today and let justice work for you.